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City Auditor reports

The City Auditor's Office operates under a public reporting protocol that requires all audit reports to be issued publicly by the City Auditor, unless a specific exemption to disclosure exists under FOIP.

For each audit, the City Auditor issues a written report that includes a management response and action plan. As of 2005 September, the City Auditor presents the full report to Audit Committee, either on an individual basis or as part of the quarterly reports (Authority: AC2005-47).

Audit reports become public through the Agenda distribution process set out in Procedure Bylaw 44M2006. 

2016 reports

​Title ​Report to Council and Committee ​Report
​City Auditor's Office 1st Quarter 2016 Report January 1, 2016 - March 31, 2016 AC2016-0430.pdf AC2016-0430 ATT.pdf
​Attainable Homes Acquisition and Development Cycle Audit AC2016-0278.pdf AC2016-0278 ATT.pdf
​City Auditor's Office Bylaw and Charter ​​AC2016-0247.pdf AC2016-0247 ATT1.pdf
AC2016-0247 ATT2.pdf
AC2016-0247 ATT3.pdf
AC2016-0247 ATT4.pdf
AC2016-0247 ATT5.pdf
​Rocky Ridge Recreation Facility Audit AC2016-0108.pdf AC2016-0108 ATT.pdf

2015 reports

​Title ​Report to Council and Committee ​Report
​Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Access Request Process Audit AC2015-0892.pdf AC2015-0892 ATT.pdf
New Calgary Central Library Audit AC2015-0761.pdf AC2015-0761 ATT.pdf
​​​Calgary Housing Company Asset Management Audit AC2015-0762.pdf AC2015-0762 ATT.pdf
​City Auditor's Office 3rd Quarter 2015 Report July 1, 2015 - September 30, 2015 AC2015-0763.pdf AC2015-0763 ATT.pdf
​Exempt Employee Time Reporting Audit AC2015-0708.pdf AC2015-0708 ATT.pdf
​Ethics Program Assessment AC2015-0560.pdf AC2015-0560 ATT.pdf
​Contract Procurement - Request for Tenders Process Efficiency Audit AC2015-0558.pdf AC2015-0558 ATT.pdf
​City Auditor's Office 2nd Quarter 2015 Report April 1, 2015 - June 30, 2015 AC2015-0559.pdf AC2015-0559 ATT.pdf
​Transportation Planning Audit Project Prioritization AC2015-0561.pdf AC2015-0561 ATT.pdf
Roads Business Unit Vehicle and Equipment Management Audit AC2015-0450.pdf AC2015-0450 ATT.pdf
City Auditor's Office 1st Quarter 2015 Report January 1, 2015 - March 31, 2015 AC2015-0368.pdf AC2015-0368 ATT.pdf
​​Sewer Capacity Management Processes Audit AC2015-0146.pdf AC2015-0146 ATT.pdf
​Virtual Desktop Information Technology Audit AC2015-0205.pdf AC2015-0205 ATT.pdf
​​City Auditor's Office 4th Quarter 2014 Recommendation Follow-up Status Report AC2015-0148.pdf AC2015-0148 ATT.pdf

2014 reports

​Title ​Report to Council and Committee ​Report
​Procurement Response Under the State of Local Emergency Audit AC2014-0878.pdf AC2014-0878 ATT.pdf
​​City Auditor's Office Quarterly Status Report July 1, 2014 - September 30, 2014 AC2014-0805.pdf AC2014-0805-ATT.pdf
​City Auditor's Office Budget 2015-2018 AC2014-0710.pdf AC2014-0710 ATT.pdf
​Flood Recovery Expenditure Audit AC2014-0734.pdf AC2014-0734 - ATT.pdf
​City Auditor's Office Quarterly Status Report April 1, 2014 - June 30, 2014 AC2014-0586-Cover.pdf AC2014-0586-ATT.pdf
​​​City Auditor's Office Quarterly Status Report January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014 AC2014-0296.pdf AC2014-0296-ATT.pdf
​Integrated Risk Management Audit AC2014-0295.pdf AC2014-0295-ATT.pdf
​Attainable Homes Calgary Corporation - Home Ownership business Cycle Controls Audit AC2014-0294.pdf AC2014-0294-ATT.pdf
​​City Auditor's Office Quarterly Status Report October 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013 AC2014-0087.pdf AC2014-0087_Att.pdf
​Facility Utilization Audit AC2014-0086.pdf AC2014-0086_Att.pdf
​Payroll Review and Approval Process - Part 2 AC2014-0085.pdf AC2014-0085_Att.pdf

2013 reports

​Title ​Report to Council and Committee ​Report
​City Auditor's Office Bylaw and Charter AC2013-0830.pdf AC2013-0830_Att.pdf
​City Auditor's Office 3rd Quarter 2013 Report AC2013-0789.pdf AC2013-0789_Att.pdf
​Recommendation Follow-up - Management Actions up to April 30, 2013 AC2013-0787.pdf AC2013-0787_Att.pdf
​Calgary Convention Centre Authority Governance Framework Audit AC2013-0654.pdf AC2013-0654_Att1.pdf
​City Auditor's Office 2013 Budget Update AC2013-0691.pdf
​West LRT Audit AC2013-0603.pdf AC2013-0603_Att1.pdf
​City Auditor's Office 2nd Quarter 2013 Report AC2013-0597.pdf AC2013-0597_Att_1.pdf​
​IT Hardware Inventory Management Audit AC2013-0522.pdf AC2013-0522_Att 1.pdf
​Payroll Review and Approval Risk Review AC2013-0516.pdf AC2013-0516_Att 1.pdf
​Audit Recommendation Follow-up - Management Actions up to September 30, 2012 AC2013-0445.pdf AC2013-0445 Att1.pdf
City Auditor's Office 1st Quarter 2013 Report
Calgary Transit Overtime Management Audit AC2013-0389.pdf
​Quality Assessment Report - City Auditor's Office AC2013-0278.pdf AC2013-0278 Att1.PDF
​City Auditor's Office 2012 Annual Report AC2013-0197.pdf AC2013-0197_Att1.pdf
​Whistle-blower Program 2012 Annual Report AC2013-0196.pdf AC2013-0196_Att1.pdf
​Police Information Check Unit Process Review AC2013-0195.pdf AC2013-0195_Att1.pdf
​​City Auditor's Quarterly Status Report - Q4 2012 AC2013-0086.pdf AC2013-0086_Att1.pdf
​Technology Investment Governance Audit AC2013-0085.pdf AC2013-0085_Att1.pdf

2012 reports

​Title ​Report to Council and Committee ​Report
​Calgary Arts Development Authority - Grant Program Audit AC2012-0749.pdf AC2012-0749_Att1.pdf
​City Auditor's Quarterly Status Report - Q3 2012 AC2012-0729 3rd Quarter Cover Rpt.pdf AC2012-0729 Att 1 Q3 2012 Rpt.pdf
​City Auditor's 2013 Budget AC2012-0730 CAO 2013 Budget Cover Rpt.pdf
​Audit Recommendation Follow-up to October 31, 2011 AC2012-0584.pdf AC2012-0584 Att1.pdf
​Assessment Database Audit Report AC2012-0330.pdf AC2012-0330_Att1.pdf
​City Auditor's Quarterly Status Report - Q2 2012 AC2012-0340.pdf AC2012-0340_Att1.pdf
​Cellular Phone & Mobile Device Audit AC2012-0121.pdf AC2012-0121_Attachment 1.pdf
​​City Auditor's Quarterly Status Report - Q1 2012 AC2012-36.pdf AC2012-36 Attachment.pdf
Audit Committee Procedure for Reports Implicating the City Auditor AC2012-22.pdf AC2012-22 Att1.pdf
Whistle-Blower Policy Review AC2012-11.pdf

AC2012-11 Attachment 1.pdf

AC2012-11 Attachment 2.pdf

Whistle-Blower Program – 2011 Annual Report AC2012-10.pdf AC2012-10 Attachment 1.pdf
​City Auditor's Quarterly Status Report - Q4 2011 AC2012-07.pdf AC2012-07 Att 1.pdf

2011 reports

​Title ​Report to Council and Committee ​Report
​​City Auditor's Review of the HR Performance Audit - 2011 December AC2011-82 Attachment
​​City Auditor's Status Report- 2011 December AC2011-81 Attachment
​City Auditor's Status Report- 2011 November AC2011-74 Attachment
​City Auditor's Office Budget 2012 to 2014 - October 2011 AC2011-69 Attachment
​City Auditor's Quarterly Status Report - Q3 2011 AC2011-68 Attachment
​Development Permit Process Audit - 2011 October AC2011-67 Attachment
​Audit Recommendation Follow-up - 2011 October AC2011-66 Attachment
Calgary Fire Department Facilities Construction - 2011 September AC2011-60 Attachment
​​City Auditor's Quarterly Status 
Report - Q2 2011
AC2011-57 Attachment
​Audit Report - 16 Avenue North
Urban​ Corridor Project
AC2011-54 Attachment
​City Auditor's Review of the HR
Performance Audit - Deferral
​City Auditor's Review of the Real
Estate Portfolio
AC2011-46 Attachment
​​City Auditor's Status Report
- 2011 May
AC2011-37 Attachment
​Furniture Purchase Audit - 2011 April AC2011-32 Attachment
​​City Auditor's Q1 Status Report
- 2011 April
AC2011-31 Attachment
​​City Auditor's Status Report
- 2011 March
​City Auditor's Interim Status
Report - 2011 January
AC2011-08 ​Attachment 1
Attachment 2

2010 reports

​Title Report to Council and Committee​ ​Report
​Audit of Employee Parking
- AR10-01
AC2010-17​ Attachment
​Procurement - Phase 2
- AR10-02
AC2010-41​ Attachment​
​Human Resources Performance
Audit - AR10-03
AC2010-42​ Attachment​
​Leave Balances Audit -AR10-04 AC2010-65​ Attachment​
​Car Allowances Audit - AR10-05 AC2010-78​ Attachment​
​Real Estate Portfolio Audit
- AR10-06
AC2010-79​ Attachment​

2009 reports

​Title ​Report to Council and Committee ​Report
​Follow-up of Outstanding Audit
​AC2009-06 Attachment 1
Attachment 2
​Audit of the Corporate Credit
Card Program - AR09-01
AC2009-49​ ​Attachment
​City Auditor's 2010 Budget
​AC2009-56 Attachment 1
Attachment 2​
​Audit of Financial Reserves
- AR09-02
​Audit of Procurement: Phase 1
Report on Governance - AR09-03
AC2009-75​ Attachment​
​Audit of Take Home Vehicles
- AR09-04
​AC2010-04 Attachment 1
Attachment 2​

2008 reports​

​Title ​Report to Council and Committee ​Report
​Excavation Permit Audit
- AR08-03
AC2008-73​ ​Attachment
​IT Performance Audit
- AR08-05
AC2008-74​ Attachment
​Police Procurement Audit
AC2008-72​ Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3​
​POSSE - Public One Stop
Service System - AR08-01
AC2008-30 ​Attachment
​Acquisition of Microcomputers
- AR08-02
AC2008-31 Attachment​
​Audit Committee Terms of
AC2008-13​ Attachment 1
Attachment 2
Attachment 3​
​Follow-up of Outstanding Audit
Recommendations (First of 2008)
​AC2008-29 Attachment​
​Follow-up of Outstanding Audit
(Second of 2008)
AC2008-51​ Attachment 1
Attachment 2​
​City Auditor's Office Budget
​AC2008-63 Attachment​
​City Auditor's Office Budget 2009

2007 reports

​Title Report to Council and Committee​ Report​
​Report on the conduct of
legal audits
AC2007-22 Attachment
​Whistle-Blower Policy AC2007-26​ Attachment 1
Attachment 2​
​Report on Audit Committee
Facilitated Discussion of
Integrated Risk Management
AC2007-38 Attachment 1
Attachment 2​
​City Auditor Reporting Relationship ​AC2007-42 Attachment​

2006 reports

​Title ​Report ​Date
​Whistle-Blower Program: Discussion Paper AC2006-24
Attachment 1
Attachment 2​
​April 2006
​Enterprise Suite program AR06-01​ February 2006​
​M4 System Audit: Fleet Services AR06-02​ April 2006​

2005 reports

​Title Report​ Date​
​Asset Management Project Review AL04-07​ January 2005​
​Calgary Transit 2005 Bus Purchase AR05-01​ March 2005​
​Calgary Transit Fare Option Revenue AR05-02​ March 2005​
Cash, Revenue Controls Recreation, Facilities​ AR04-18​ January 2005​
​City-Owner Land Inventory Controls AR05-04​ June 2005​
​Corporate Records Management Program ​AR04-16 March 2005​
​Cost Recovery AR04-21​ February 2005​
​IT Business Continuity Plans AR05-05​ May 2005​
​Purchasing Commitments ​AR05-09 ​October 2005
​Signing Authority Processes AR04-20 March 2005​
​System Controls Assessment Review Board AR04-19​ March 2005​
​Toilet Rebate Program AR04-22 February 2005​
​Water & Sewer Service Connections AR04-17​ ​January 2005

2004 reports

​Title ​Report ​Date
​911 CAD Security Review AR04-04 ​July 2004
Assessment Systems Development AR03-12​ June2004​
Business License Division AR03-10 ​March 2004
​Calgary Housing Company AR04-10 ​August 2004
​Calgary Online Store ​AR04-13 ​November 2004
​Corporate Procurement Card Usage - Fleet Services AR04-08 ​June 2004
​Corporate Procurement Card Usage - Parks AR04-14​ ​November 2004
​Corporate Procurement Card Usage - Recreation AR04-15​ ​October 2004
​Corporate Procurement Card Usage - Supply Mng. ​AR04-09 ​August 2004
​Energy Performance Contracting AR04-07 ​December 2004
​Fuel Card Management AR04-11 ​August 2004
​Payroll Controls Review AR03-09 February 2004​
​Rosscarrock Community Association AR03-14 March 2004​
​Systems Development Review AR03-08​ January 2004​
​System Transition Process AR04-02​ June 2004​
​Tax Services AR04-05​ June 2004​
​Waste & Recycling Revenue Audit AR04-01​ July 2004​
​Web Portal Security Review AR03-11​ February 2004​
​Vacation & Overtime Liability AL03-13​ January 2004​

Selected Audit Reports prior to 2004

​Title ​Report ​Date
​​Building Regulations AR03-07.pdf ​September 2003
​​IT Systems Availability Review AR02-07.pdf ​​September 2002
​​Local Improvements Program AR02-02.pdf ​June 2002
​Managing Maintenance of Facilities/Buildings AR01-13.pdf ​April 2002
Cemeteries Central Division  AR01-07.pdf December 2001
Calgary Centre for Performance Arts  AR01-11.pdf ​November 2001