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Finance & Supply

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Finance & Supply information

Finance: providing the best in financial services

Finance provides professional financial management and services for The City of Calgary, and helpful customer service to its citizens.

Finance services include:

  • Financial planning, budget and reporting
  • Corporate initiatives
  • Corporate accounts payable
  • Corporate accounts receivable
  • Treasury

The City of Calgary is a well-managed, financially stable municipal government with an excellent credit rating (for short- and long-term debt).

Supply: proudly registered to ISO 14001

Supply provides competent, professional and efficient materials management and contract services to meet the needs of our customers.

Supply services include:

  • Acquisition of all materials, equipment and services required by The City of Calgary
  • Disposal of all surplus materials and equipment
  • Control and maintenance of appropriate levels of inventory
  • Physical control, security and distribution of materials through a network of warehousing outlets located throughout Calgary
  • Awarding of contracts for construction, services and commodities

Supply serves all City business units and assists other public agencies when requested. The ultimate customers are the citizens of Calgary.​​​​​