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I Got a Ticket. Now What?

Download the "I Got a Ticket. Now What?" brochure. 

Where should I go?      

      Traffic Court
      Calgary Court Centre
      601 5th St. SW
      Calgary, Alberta     

Hours: Justice of the Peace Counter (7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.) Hours of operation for other services vary. 

 I want to pay my fine

  • Mail your fine payment, make sure you send only a cheque or money order (or fill out the information to pay by credit card). Do not send cash. Send it to the address on your violation ticket with plenty of time to get to the court before your appearance date.
  • Pay in person. Go to the cashier line. Make sure you bring your ticket.

I lost my ticket and/or I might have more tickets I forgot about

  • To pay your ticket(s), complete a Search form and give it to the cashier
  • To talk to someone about your ticket(s), complete a Search form and give it to the Justice of the Peace.

I'm guilty, but don't have enough money to pay my ticket

  • Ask the Justice of the Peace what are your options.
  • Ask the Justice of the Peace for an extension, if you need extra time to pay.
  • Ask to see a First Appearance Prosecutor and explain your financial circumstances.

I think I'm guilty but I have an explanation

  • Ask to speak to a First Appearance Prosecutor, if you have a reasonable explanation for getting the ticket.
  • Tell your side of the story to the Prosecutor and he/she will give you choices as to what you can do.

I'm not guilty

  • Follow the directions on the back of your ticket or go to the Justice of the Peace counter and enter a plea of "Not Guilty." The Justice of the Peace will give you a trial date.  If you do not attend your trial date, you may be convicted in absence or a warrant for your arrest may be issued.

I have a mental illness and I need some help

  • Go to the Justice of the Peace and ask to see a First Appearance Prosecutor. She/he will tell you about the Calgary Diversion Services Program for people with mental health illnesses. If you are eligible, you can decide if you want to participate in the program.

I can't decide what to do

  • Go to the Justice of the Peace and ask to have your plea reserved to give you time to think.
  • Contact Calgary Legal Guidance (403-234-9266) or Student Legal Assistance (403-220-6637) if you are still unsure what to do or you need more information before you decide. You will still need to answer to your ticket on time.​
​Produced by the Prosecutions unit of the Law Department​