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Chief Financial Officer

The Chief Financial Officer’s Department (CFOD) of The City of Calgary oversees the Finance & Supply business unit while focusing on overall financial strategy and policy, multi-year business planning and budgeting, performance monitoring, and productivity and efficiency improvement.

The major components of the CFOD are:

  • Finance & Supply – provides financial management, materials management and contract services for The City of Calgary.
  • Treasury – manages capital financing, investments, banking relationships and capital debt policies, processes borrowing bylaws, and forecasts cash flow.
  • Corporate Initiatives – provides analysis and support to coordinate corporate-wide initiatives such as business planning, outcome measures, policy and other strategic initiatives that focus on improving the delivery of customer service by the Corporation’s core businesses.
  • Corporate Financial Planning, Budgeting & Reporting – provides financial planning, operating and capital budgets, and financial reporting.
  • Corporate Economics – provides economic research, forecasting and analysis into the impact of external events on the local economy and the Municipal Corporation.
  • Business Planning & Budget Coordination – provides integrated, three-year business planning and budgeting, as well as updates and adjustments through quarterly reports, year end reports, and corporate annual reports.

The Chief Financial Officer's Department provides:

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