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Community Achievement Awards


What are the Community Achievement Awards?


The Community Achievement Awards recognize outstanding contributions to and achievement in community life and provide an opportunity to honour Calgary's exceptional citizens.


Eligibility Criteria

Nomination Information

Submitting a Nomination

  1. Refer to steps outlined in "How To Submit A Nomination" as well as any requirements specific to the award.
  2. In your nomination letter, please include:
    • The reasons why you believe the nominee deserves the award.
    • All of the nominee's activities that relate to the award category, the nominee's role in each activity, and the time and duration of each activity.
    • The effect and/or other benefits to the community.

Grant MacEwan Lifetime Achievement


Awarded to an individual Calgarian who, over the past 25 years or more, has made significant contributions to the community and has improved the quality of life for citizens or whose accomplishments have brought recognition to Calgary.  This award is named in honour of the lifetime achievements of Dr. Grant MacEwan--writer, environmentalist and politician. City Council created this award to commemorate Dr. MacEwan's 90th birthday in 1992.


Citizen of the Year


Awarded to an outstanding individual Calgarian who has made a recent extraordinary contribution that has improved the quality of life in Calgary or whose recent achievements have brought recognition to Calgary.




Awarded to an individual Calgarian whose artistic accomplishments have brought recognition to Calgary or whose volunteer or professional involvement has contributed to developing a stronger arts community.




Awarded to an individual or Calgary business for improving business opportunities, making significant community or industry contributions, or for bringing recognition to Calgary.


Community Advocate


Awarded to an individual Calgarian who has made a significant volunteer contribution to the community. Examples are: involvement with community endeavours, service clubs, community improvement programs, youth programs, or community associations.  Please describe how the individual has positively affected the community.


Community Advocate Organization


Awarded to a non-government, Not-for-Profit Calgary organization for outstanding service to the community by implementing, improving, supporting, or assisting a local project or program. Please describe how this organization has positively affected the community.




Awarded to an individual Calgarian who has enhanced learning opportunities for Calgarians or brought recognition to Calgary due to outstanding academic achievement in his/her field.




Awarded to an individual Calgarian who has made a sustained and extraordinary contribution, either as a volunteer or professional, to the promotion of awareness and/or preservation of Calgary's heritage in the areas of built heritage, archaeology, culture, education or advocacy.


For specific information about this Award, contact Heritage Planning, The City of Calgary at 403-268-1859.




Awarded to an individual Calgarian, 18 years old or younger on December 31, 2015 whose exceptional achievements have brought recognition to, or improved the quality of life in, Calgary. The focus is on volunteer and community contributions not academic achievement.