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Environmental Achievement Awards


What are the Environmental Achievement Awards?


These awards recognise achievements in advanced technology, management, conservation, protection, enhancement, education, stewardship, and promotion that serves to reduce our impact on and/or restore the city’s natural environment.


Eligibility Criteria


Submitting a Nomination

  1. Refer to steps outlined in "How To Submit A Nomination" as well as any requirements specific to the award.
  2. In your nomination letter, please include:
    • The reasons why you believe the nominee deserves this award.
    • A thorough description of how the nominee initiated, developed, implemented or managed projects, policies, processes, activities, or new technologies.
    • The resulting benefit to the environment.



Awarded to a Calgary business for innovative and/or exemplary environmental conduct. Any corporate entity with an office in Calgary, including a Crown corporation qualify for this award.

Educational Institution


Awarded to an educational institution, school board, school or student(s) for exemplary conduct or for a fully developed and/or fully operational, innovative environmental policy, project or activity.




Awarded to a Calgarian of any age, whose actions and achievements have shown dedication to protecting and/or enhancing the environment. 


Not-for-Profit Organization


Awarded to a non-government, Not for Profit organization for outstanding environmental contribution.  Calgary-based organizations as well as branches of national or international entities qualify for this award.


For specific information about these awards, call Environmental & Safety Management, The City of Calgary at 403-268-1148.