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The Environmental Achievement Award

The Environmental Achievement Award recognizes environmental achievement contributions that reduce our impact on and/or restore our city's natural environment.

Eligibility Criteria

The Environmental Achievement Award recognizes leadership, innovation and action in environmental stewardship. Contributions may include innovation and application of advanced technology; climate resilience; conservation and efficiency; local, volunteer-driven initiatives; and public education.
Eligible nominees may be individual Calgarians, Calgary-based businesses and corporations with local operations (including Crown corporations), educational institutions and not-for-profit organizations.
Additional Nomination Information

Submitting a Nomination

1. Refer to steps outlined in "How To Submit A Nomination" as well as any requirements specific to the award.
2. In your nomination letter, please include:
  • The rationale for why you believe the nominee deserves this award.
  • A thorough description of what the nominee initiated, developed, implemented or managed (projects, programs, policies, processes) that made a positive environmental contribution. Consider:
    • Leadership, innovation, and originality.
    • Impact (significance of outcome and/or potential for spreading the change).
    • Reach (levels of participation and/or awareness, ,including breadth and depth of community mobilization).
    • Opportunities identified and challenges overcome.
    • Resources and effort applied.
    • The resulting benefits or expected benefits to the environment.
For specific information about the Environmental Achievement Award, contact Environmental & Safety Management at The City of Calgary, at 403-268-2489.