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Ward Boundaries

The City of Calgary is divided into 14 wards; each represented by a Councillor. The Mayor is elected city wide.​

For the 2013 Election, there will be ward boundary changes that come into effect on October 21, 2013. The two primary changes are that the community of Martindale moves from Ward 3 to Ward 5 and the Cougar Ridge community is now located in Ward 6.

2013 Ward Boundaries
Voting City Wide
Ward Boundaries
Ward 1
Ward 8
Ward 2
Ward 9
Ward 3
Ward 10
Ward 4
Ward 11
Ward 5
Ward 12
Ward 6
Ward 13
Ward 7
Ward 14
Calgary Separate School District

To vote on Election Day, you must go to the designated Voting Station for the Voting Subdivision in which you live on Election Day. Voting stations can be found in the 2013 General Election Brochure or by providing your street information at "Where do I vote?"