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2013 General Election Official Results

On Friday, October 25, the results were declared official.  You can view the final tally for Mayor, Councillor, Public School Board Trustee and Separate School Board Trustee.

2013 General Election Official results

Results by stations for each Ward

Results by Office

2013 General Election Advance Voter Turnout Statistics

Advance Voter Turnout - Final Statistics By Ward And VSD

Voter Turnout - Final Statistics By Ward And VSD

2013 Election statistics

  • Total number of enumerated electors was 668,029.
  • Total voter turn-out was 39.43% of eligible voters compared to 53.39% of eligible electors in the 2010 General Election.
  • 22,400 eligible electors voted during the Advance Vote period with 1600 taking the opportunity to vote on the Advance Vote Bus.