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2017 Election Candidate Registry

Blackburn, Alexandre
Carra, Gian-Carlo
Chabot, Andre
Chu, Sean
Colley-Urquhart, Diane
Demong, Peter
Dhaliwal, Rick Sarbpreet
Farkas, Jeromy
Farrell, Druh
Greaves, Faith
Heather, Larry
Hiron, Shawn
Jassal, Hirde Paul Singh
Jones, Ray
Kad, Sanjeev Kumar
Katz, Jordan
Keating, Shane A.
Klasky, William Bud
Lalli, Jagdeep Singh
Lin, Jun
Lundy, Rick
Magliocca, Biagio (Joe)
Masse, Lori
Miller, Greg G.
M'keyo, Omar
Medori, Michael
Mosa, Issa A.
Muhammed, Talib
Nelson, Grace Mary
Newbert, Amelia Marie
Pincott, Brian
Pootmans, John Richard
Robinson, Michelle Rae
Simmons, Keith
Stevenson, James E.
Sutherland, Ward
Taylor, Kevin
Tomblin, Victoria (Tory)
Winkler, David
Woolley, Evan

Did you know?

If someone wishes to run in future City of Calgary Council elections and intends to begin raising funds and receive donations for that purpose, they must be registered with the Municipality under Section 147.21 of the Local Authorities Election Act, before accepting any campaign contributions.
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