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Different types of ballots

There are three types of ballots used in a Calgary Municipal and School Board General Election. The type of ballot you receive depends on when and where you cast your vote.

Regular Ballot
This is the ballot that is provided on election day. The names that appear on the ballot rotate, so that last names beginning with “A” are not always on the top. This allows for a more impartial election: typically, if a voter is undecided they generally mark one of the top boxes. If this is never the same person, the uncertain vote is shared by all candidates. Calgary has a bylaw in place that allows for the rotation of names on the ballot.

Advance Vote Ballots
Advance vote ballots are the same in all advance vote locations, including the Vote Bus. These ballots are much larger in size and font, to accommodate those with vision concerns. Candidate names on these ballots are also rotated.

Mail-in (Special) Ballots
A Mail-in (Special) Ballot is blank. The voter writes the name of the person they wish to vote for on the ballot and then mails it back to the Elections and Census Office.