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Role of Scrutineers

What is a Scrutineer?
A Scrutineer is a candidate’s representative who observes the voting process at a voting station.

Why are Scrutineers important?
Scrutineers help ensure that a fair and transparent election is conducted.

Who can be a Scrutineer?
A Scrutineer must be at least 18 years old and appointed by a Scrutineer Appointment form.

What can a Scrutineer do?
A Scrutineer:

  • Observes the election process at a voting station;
  • May object to a voter with reasonable grounds; and
  • May, at the count, object to a ballot being counted as either valid or rejected.

What can’t a Scrutineer do?
A Scrutineer cannot:

  • Prevent someone from voting;
  • Campaign on the premises used for the voting station (including wearing buttons or other apparel related to a candidate);
  • Use a cell phone during voting hours in the voting station; or
  • Interfere in the election process at the voting station.

How do I become a Scrutineer?
A Scrutineer must present the Scrutineer Appointment form, signed by the candidate, to the Presiding Deputy Returning Officer at a voting station on election day. Only one Scrutineer per candidate is permitted in a voting station at a time. Please contact your preferred candidate to learn more.