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Electronic Agendas - ELMS

ELMS - Electronic Legislative Management Solution

On October 28, 2010 the City of Calgary launched a new solution for retrieving Council and Committee agendas and minutes called ELMS - Electronic Legislative Management Solution.

Please note that an ongoing effort is being undertaken to migrate Council and Committee records from these pages into Livelink.

Meeting records currently 3 years past the Council or Committee Meeting date will be migrated and made available via the following link below.
Search for Council and Committee and final Bylaw documents from 1884 until 2013

Note that only the meeting records will be made available as part of this migration, associated Council and Committee meeting video will not be made available to users as part of this migration.  

36 Months of Council and Committee meeting history is made available below, older content is accessible via the above link.

 ELMS - Electronic Legislative Management Solution.

The new system allows easier access to current legislative documents, better public search for legislative history, a reduction in printing hardcopies by staff and the long-term benefits of an electronic system.

A search tips page is available to assist you in using the search function to locate information as quickly as possible.​​​​