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Council Policy Library

Council Policy Updates

The following Council policies were recently adopted:

Flag Policy (CP2016-07)   Effective 2016 November 07

Family and Community Support Services (CP2016-05)   Effective 2016 June 20

Swearing In Ceremony (CP2016-06)   Effective 2016 June 20

Municipal Complex Commemoration Policy (CP2016-04)   Effective 2016 June 13

Governance and Appointments of Boards, Commissions and Committees (CP2016-03)  Effective 2016 April 25

Civic Recognition on the Death of a Current or Former Member of Council (CP2016-02)  Effective 2016 April 25

Municipal Naming, Sponsorship and Naming Rights Policy (CP2016-01)  Effective 2016 April 11

The following Council policies were recently amended:

Budget Reporting Policies (CFO006) Effective 2016 November 01

Investment Policy (CFO007) Effective 2016 July 25

Indemnification of Council Citizen Appointments to Council Established Municipal Boards, Commissions, Authorities and Committees (CC040)  Effective 2016 March 14

Indemnification of Members of Council (CC010)  Effective 2016 March 14

The following Council policies were recently rescinded:

• City of Calgary Flag Policy (CC036)

• City of Calgary Half Mast Flag Policy (CC037)

• Corporate Affordable Housing Strategy (CS007)

• Family and Community Support Services Policy (CSPS008)

• Swearing In Ceremony and Reception (CC016)

• Council Chamber - Operational Matters Policy (CC032)

• Advertising Policy for Appointment of Citizens to Boards, Commissions and Committees (CC002)

• Appointment of Members of Council, Administration and Citizens to Agencies and Establishment of Council Agencies (CC003)

• Disbanding of Committees (CC019)

• Courtesy Policy-Letters for Applicants and Members of Council-Appointed Boards, Commissions and Committees (CC033)

• Municipal Naming Policy (CS003)

• Naming Rights Guidelines – City-Owned, Civic Partner-Operated Facilities (CSPS012)

• Sponsorship Policy – City Owned, City-Managed Assets (CS011)

The following Council policies are currently under review:

Calgary Corporate Accessibility Policy (CSPS003)

White Hat Presentation Policy (CC018)