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Council Policy Library

Council Policy Updates

The following Council policies were recently rescinded:

• Corporate Workplace Framework Policy (CS002)

• Integrity Commissioner Complaints Policy (CP2016-08)

• Ethical Conduct Policy (CP2017-03)

• Calgary Civic Sports Policy (CSPS002)

• Policy for Utility Extensions Beyond the City's Boundaries (UEP004)

• Status of Community Organizations (CSPS015)

• Parking Governance Roles and Responsibilities (TP014)

• Calgary Parking Authority Financial Returns to The City (TP015)

• Members of Council and Election Campaigns Policy (CC041)

• Gifts and Benefits Policy for Members of Council (CC043)

• Ethical Conduct Policy for Members of Council (CC042)

• The City of Calgary Homelessness Strategy (CSPS004)

• Acquisition of Affordable Housing Lands for Municipal Purposes (CS001)

• Temporary Signs on Highways Policy (CSPS030)

• Civic Partners Review Reserve-Terms of Reference Policy (CSPS005)

• Federation of Calgary Communities (CSPS009)

• Autonomous Bodies Policy and Framework(CSPS035)

The following Council policies are currently under review:

Calgary Corporate Accessibility Policy (CSPS003)

White Hat Presentation Policy (CC018)