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Corporate Security


Corporate Security



security policies, measures & processes for City facilities & security concerns



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Corporate Security

security policies, measures & processes for City facilities & security concerns

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Service description

Corporate Security protects The City's employees, Mayor, members of Council, citizens and visitors, information, assets and infrastructure and assists in the provision of public safety. We have two main sub-services- cybersecurity and physical security. Corporate Security's main areas of focus under these sub-services are:
  • assessments and mitigation strategies
  • training and education
  • security monitoring and response
  • technical and applications support
  • investigations and forensics
You receive value from our services through the protection of City assets, infrastructure and information. We work to proactively manage loss, identify, assess and mitigate risks and ensure organizational resilience, safety, security and availability of services.



What we heard

You’ve said that new and regenerated affordable homes are a top priority for investment- supported by programs through The City and non-profit agencies to improve outcomes for affordable housing residents. You want our communities to thrive by creating jobs, strengthening residents' purchasing power, attracting employers with a stable workforce, and reducing demand on emergency services for vulnerable Calgarians.
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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Council direction

The private housing market meets the needs of a majority of Calgary's households. But almost 20% of Calgarians struggle with housing costs. Council is:
  • working with all levels of government to increase housing supply,
  • pricing City land at below-market cost for affordable housing operations,
  • prioritizing and streamlining City planning services for affordable housing, and
  • creating incentives in the business and non-profit communities for affordable housing development.
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