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Executive Leadership


Executive Leadership





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Executive Leadership

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Service description

Executive Leadership provides organizational leadership to deliver on the expectations of citizens and employees. We set strategic direction and priorities for The City, ensure financial sustainability and the proper use and management of public resources through Corporate oversight. We expect high performance using a performance management system, and promote a culture of accountability, transparency, collaboration and resilience. Our goal is an organization that is well-run for citizens’ investment, with a safe and respectful workplace for all employees.  

What we heard

You’ve said you want clear and easy access to information, high efficiency, and meaningful engagement in your municipal government. We’re moving toward more integrated service delivery, greater engaged leadership and building organizational capability and capacity.
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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Council direction

We continue to build public and employee trust and confidence in municipal government, through:
  • good corporate culture
  • creating shared norms and values
  • a clear corporate brand
  • smart and achievable corporate strategic plans and priorities
  • solid corporate ethics and codes of conduct
  • ongoing service reviews and improvement
  • integrated risk management plans
  • performance management/accountability
Executive Leadership supports a well-run city. We have an key role in shifting our culture to a citizen-centric and service-oriented organization. Our responsibility is growing trust and confidence in The City, through supporting reliable, honest, efficient and effective delivery of services.
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