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Organizational Health, Safety & Wellness


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Org Health, Safety & Wellness

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Service description

Organizational Health, Safety & Wellness supports the health, safety and wellness of City employees, so they can deliver services to you and go home safe at the end of the day. We reduce employee injuries and address rising claims costs while following evolving legislation and managing risk at City worksites and facilities. Through targeted programs and services including safety advisory support, disability management, industrial hygiene, wellness clinics and programs, employee communication and learning, contractor safety management and mental health support we make The City a great place to work.

What we heard

Our employees have told us there’s a need for continuous improvement of health, safety and wellness; and it’s linked to City culture, awareness, leadership, and a shared accountability. City staff are satisfied with existing programs and services we offer but seek more strategic support and early engagement including supporting open communication, building trust, having reliable data and building a safe environment.  City leaders want our service to reduce risk, be accessible to all employees and be responsive to change.
2018 Citizen Satisfaction Survey

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Council direction


Council wants leadership to create a positive workforce culture of health, safety and wellness.  We will support The City through continuous improvement and lessons learned, helping performance and instilling innovation in all areas of health, safety and wellness. Council has directed us to balance risk mitigation and adherence to legislation by providing value in our support to the organization, to maximize productivity of City employees in delivering services. Finally, we’ll increase integration with partners and customers, to remove barriers and silos.

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