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City Manager's biography

Jeff Fielding

Title: City Manager/Chief Administrative Officer

Areas of focus: As the City Manager, Jeff is focused on bringing stability to the civic administration and instilling confidence and trust in the municipal workforce.  He oversees all City departments and works closely with the Mayor and Council on matters of importance to the citizens of Calgary.

Career history: Jeff received graduate and undergraduate degrees in urban geography and urban planning from the University of Waterloo, and started his career as a planner with the Region of Waterloo in 1979. Since then, Jeff has held various planning and managerial positions in governments across the country, including the Peace River Region, Edmonton Metropolitan Region, City of Winnipeg, and The City of Calgary.

After Calgary, Jeff served as the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Kitchener before becoming City Manager with the City of London; a role which he held for nearly eight years. In London, he led a team that successfully built a sustainable and fiscally responsible public service business, and was recognized for his role in establishing a strong, supportive workplace culture.  Most recently, he was City Manager for Burlington before rejoining The City of Calgary as City Manager in 2014.

Leadership philosophy: Jeff’s leadership philosophy is simple: individual responsibility and collective accountability. He believes that no one ever fails or succeeds on his or her own, which he feels is especially true in the public service. Jeff maintains that every City of Calgary employee has a role to play in ensuring quality services are delivered to citizens and businesses within the community on a daily basis.