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Intentional management - Savings that have benefited Calgarians


Intentional management

$325 million in cost savings  

The City of Calgary is taking action to support Calgary’s economy, keep Calgarians working, and reduce the cost of local government. Under Council direction, Administration has achieved significant savings and has provided notable benefits to Calgarians through the intentional management of The City’s financial position under the Leadership Strategic Plan: Contract with Council (LSP) and the Performance Management System.

Since 2015, Administration has achieved $325 million in savings through efficiencies and reductions. Through these savings, Administration provided Calgarians with an additional $228 million in benefits in 2017 under the direction of Council. These benefits include a lower 2017 tax rate, a property tax rebate, the Municipal Non-Residential Phased Tax Program, user fee freezes and reductions, reduced utility rates, and other targeted initiatives.

We are intentionally saving through:

  • Cost Containment: controlling the expenses required to operate our organization.
  • Cost Savings: a cost (expense) that is already incurred or being paid at a lower cost than expected.
  • Cost Efficiencies: producing optimum results for municipal investment or expenditure and creating value.
  • Cost Reduction: the tangible bottom line reduction of an expense.

Where did The City find $325 million in cost savings?

Total savings, reductions and efficiencies (operating) - 2015-2017


Cost reductions and efficiencies - operating budget (base)  
2016 $44 million
2017 $59 million
Total $103 million

Cost containment - labour (base)  
2016 (Management exempt) $8 million
2017 (Management exempt) $12 million
2017 (Other settlements) $16 million
Total $35 million

Cost savings (one-time)  
2015 (Operating) $30 million
2016 (Operating) $24 million
Total $54 million
2015 (Capital) $11 million
2016 (Capital) $83 million
*Total $94 million

*Capital cost savings are not included in operating cost savings.

Intentional cost savings (one-time)  
2015 (Operating) $33 million
2016 (Operating) $59 million
Total $92 million

Utility rate reductions (base)  
Total $41 million

Total savings

Total savings and reductions  
Operating $325 million
Capital *$94 million


Organizational Efficiency - Intentional Management, PFC2017-0234

Economic Resilience Strategy