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Intentional management


Intentional management

Please note: We've forecasted to the end of the year, and are estimating an additional $84 million in savings for a total of $607 million. Once we finalize the year-end information we'll be updating this page with the confirmed numbers.

The City of Calgary is taking action to support Calgary's economy, keep Calgarians working, and reduce the cost of local government. Under Council direction, Administration has achieved significant savings and has provided notable benefits to Calgarians through the intentional management of The City's financial position under the Leadership Strategic Plan: Contract with Council (LSP) and the Performance Management System.

Since Action Plan 2015-2018 was approved, The City of Calgary has achieved approximately $523 million in savings and efficiencies.

Cost Containment in 2017 ($28 million) was achieved by reducing the budgeted increase in pay for exempt employees along with lower than budgeted settlements for some unions.

Cost Reductions and Efficiencies ($58.6 million) was composed of corporate efficiencies ($21 million), efficiencies arising from the 2017 Mid Cycle Adjustments ($10 million), and Action Plan budgeted business unit efficiencies ($11 million). Additional Cost Reductions and Efficiencies included but were not limited to:
  • $6.4 million saved by switching to trenchless technology for the sanitary collection network;
  • $2.0 million saved on electricity through accelerated completion of the retrofit of 80,000 street lights;
  • $0.9 million saved by initiatives including pursuing alternative service delivery for parks maintenance and implementation of other Parks ZBR recommendations; and
  • $0.8 million saved through energy consumption and improved monitoring and conservation systems.

Operating Cost Savings ($34.3 million) were transferred to the Budget Savings Account and Intentional Cost Savings ($52 million) were used to fund certain 2018 Adjustment initiatives such as tax relief, community services, and the low income transit pass for Calgarians in need.


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