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Capital - What is it and how do we use it?

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Capital – What is it and how do we use it?

Rail maintenaince

Our Capital Plan has four areas:

  • Maintenance – extends the life of current buildings, facilities, equipment, etc.
  • Upgrades – meets changing technology, compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Growth – new infrastructure, services and systems
  • Service Change -  provides better ways and means to deliver services e.g. online City business

The City develops a capital investment plan that includes the estimated costs of items needed by The City that have a life expectancy of more than one year. These items range from land, to construction of infrastructure like bridges and interchanges, to needed maintenance of our buildings and facilities.

Projecting over 5 years

We may also purchase items with a life expectancy of more than one year. For example, purchases might include equipment, vehicles, and IT systems as well as buildings or other structures.

We build our capital plan in a five-year time frame because the costs and actual work may be spread out over more than one year depending on the size and complexity of the individual project.

As well, a five year time frame makes sure we have planned effectively and it also shows the full impact of our major multi-year projects. This means we always consider the need for new infrastructure against our obligations to existing infrastructure in established communities.

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