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Cindy Pickett

Title: Director, Customer Service & Communications

Areas of focus: Cindy is focused on providing a coordinated multi-channel system of communication with citizens. She champions City initiatives in advocacy of customer centric service delivery. Her team manages the operations such as 311,, city research and engagement forums that enable City employees and citizens to be informed and connected.

Career history: Cindy graduated with her Bachelor of Commerce Degree from the University of Saskatchewan, completed her Executive Development with the Ivey School of Business, Leadership Masters from Queens University and has been awarded a Masters of Marketing from the American Marketing Association. Prior to joining The City of Calgary, she held various leadership positions in telecommunications, tourism and not-for-profit sectors.

Cindy joined The City as Superintendent in Parks & Recreation in 1989 and then moved to Executive Director of Fort Calgary. She championed the historic site’s archaeological dig, and rebuilding of the 1888 Barracks for which she was awarded the Alberta Museums Development Award in 1999. Subsequently she took on the role of Director of Customer Service & Communications for The City of Calgary; a position she has held for the past 15 years.

During her tenure at The City she has built and been awarded for key communication initiatives including the Institute of Public Administration of Canada Award For Innovative Management in building 311 for Calgary and Canada; achieving the International Association of Public Participation Practitioners International Organization of  The Year Award  for building the first Canadian government citizen “ENGAGE!” policy and program; and she championed teams in the creation of, the City’s social media channels and digital communication tools, achieving three International Interactive Media Awards.

Leadership Philosophy: Cindy uses a transformational leadership approach in which she takes pleasure in engaging and inspiring teams to drive towards a vision. She is a values-driven team player who believes in augmenting decisions with strong business acumen. She advocates that citizen centric thinking provides the foundation for strategic solution identification for complex problems. Consumed with a dynamic energy, Cindy believes that anything is possible, given a team is focused for a common purpose and motivated to succeed.