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Eric Sawyer

Chief Financial Officer

Areas of focus: As the Chief Financial Officer, Eric oversees all of the finance functions at The City of Calgary, as well as the Information Technology, Human Resources, Customer Service & Communications and Assessment business units. He provides overall long-term strategy, policy and advisory support to the entire organization. Eric serves on numerous boards and committees within The City. He works closely with the City Manager on matters of importance to the citizens of Calgary.

Career history: Eric holds a B. Comm. and MBA in finance from the University of Toronto and worked for Ontario Hydro and Hydro One in various finance roles prior to joining The City of Calgary. Eric has been a member of Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) since joining The City in 2004, including being a member and Chair of the Committee on Canadian Issues and a member of the GFOA International Board of Directors. Eric is also the Chair of the Board of the Burns Memorial Fund, a member of the Saddledome Foundation, and a participant in the Alberta GFOA and Western Canadian GFOA.

Leadership philosophy: Leadership is a privilege and an honour, but it is also a tremendous responsibility. Eric’s leadership philosophy is one of collaboration and teamwork within which members of a team can utilize one another’s strengths to counter individual weaknesses. The greatest leaders know their limitations and are adept at leveraging their strengths and the strengths of others to compensate. A leader is someone who listens well, can effectively motivate and inspire, and provides a team with thoughtful vision and strategic direction. A leader is one who leads by example and empowers his followers.