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Intergovernmental Affairs

The City of Calgary’s Intergovernmental & Corporate Strategy (ICS) group builds strong relationships with the Government of Alberta and the Government of Canada to ensure provincial and federal policies and priorities benefit our city and our citizens.

As part of the group’s critical advocacy and government relations role, ICS has a major focus on collaboration, consultation, relationship-building, and guidance when it comes to working closely with different orders of government and our regional partners. ICS aims to ensure that other governments and our partners are aware of The City’s position and expectations in key areas of impact for The City. Current examples of this are the Municipal Government Act Review and the development of the  City Charter.

Decisions and policies at the provincial and federal level can impact The City’s operations and service delivery. Intergovernmental & Corporate Strategy helps our Administration and Council stay on top of the activities of other governments. Working with Council’s Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, we also coordinate strategic advocacy positions that advance The City’s interests and help influence provincial and federal policies that further The City’s goals.

Looking for more information? Contact our Intergovernmental & Corporate Strategy group at 403- 268-5356.