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Rob Pritchard

General Manager, Utilities & Environmental Protection

Areas of focus: As General Manager of Utilities & Environmental Protection, Rob is focused on protecting public health and the environment for current and future generations, and helping all employees work safely. He oversees business units responsible for providing safe, clean drinking water; wastewater collection and treatment; storm water management and watershed protection; landfill management, waste collection and diversion; and
environmental and safety management.

Career history: After graduating with an engineering degree from the University of Cambridge in 1973, Rob worked as a consulting engineer in London, Baghdad, Edmonton and Calgary before joining The City of Calgary Waterworks Division in 1986. Since then, Rob has held a number of management positions in engineering and operations, including six years as Production Superintendent at the Glenmore Water Treatment Plant, and three years as Chief Design Engineer for Waterworks, before becoming Director of Recreation in 2002. He rejoined Utilities & Environmental Protection as General Manager in 2004, where he works to position The City of Calgary as a leader in environmental excellence within the community and the region.

Leadership philosophy: Rob’s leadership philosophy is founded on his belief in the importance of face-to-face communication; an expectation that we hold each other appropriately accountable; and a shared commitment to continuous improvement, both as individuals and as an organization – no matter how well we are doing we can always do better.