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Urban Commercial Agriculture Pilot Project

The City of Calgary has a role to play in enabling and supporting emerging models of food production in order to increase access to healthy food for all Calgarians and to support the economic growth of a burgeoning urban food production sector.

The City of Calgary is implementing a pilot project to advance urban agriculture opportunities within the city. Existing methods of growing food have improved and new methods of growing food in urban areas have emerged that require City support and coordination.

This program will utilize urban agriculture pilot projects on predetermined City-owned land to evaluate the opportunities for the use of city land, to inform regulation and approval requirements, and to evaluate the impact of activities on surrounding uses.




Project Timeline

September – November 2017: Request for Applications
October 2017: Scheduled site visits
December 2017: Applicant evaluations
January – March 2018: Lease requirements fulfilled
May 2018: Occupancy

This information is provided as advance notice.


Kristi Peters Snider
Sustainability Consultant, CalgaryEATS! Food Action Plan​​​​​​