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Calgarians responded to the challenge of sustainability and created the imagineCALGARY Long Range Urban Sustainability Plan.  With input from more than 18,000 citizens, the Plan was the end result of the imagineCALGARY initiative, at the time the largest community visioning and consultation process of its kind anywhere in the world.  imagineCALGARY is the community’s 100 year vision for sustainability.
The Plan contains a 100-year vision that articulates the city in which Calgarians would like to live and how to get there. In it the city is viewed as a whole system, of which all the parts are inter-related. People, buildings, roads, businesses, government, income, plants and animals, history and countless other elements that combine to make up the community in which we live.
The Plan includes 114 targets within 32 goal areas and was developed based on five systems:
  • Built Environment System
  • Economic System
  • Governance System
  • Natural Environment System
  • Social System

For each of the five systems, goals, targets and strategies were developed and analyzed for how they were connected to each other system. The result was a comprehensive blueprint that all citizens, businesses, institutions, and organizations including The City could play a role in achieving.

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