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Draft Business Plan Previews

A preview of the business plans that will become part of Action Plan are being presented in Standing Policy Committee (SPC) meetings and other Committees of Council in September. Information about the Committees can be viewed online

These presentations will provide an update for Council on the state of the proposed plans, and bridge the gap between the approval of rates and Council Priorities, and the public release and deliberation of business plans and budgets in November 2014. They are a high-level overview of draft business plans highlighting how the department and other partners are proposing to meet Council Priorities within the parameters set by Council. Highlights of the presentation will include:

  • high level outcomes, 
  • strategies and performance measures, and 
  • information on how engagement results are being reflected in the plans.

Presentations will give Council the opportunity to understand and reflect upon Administration’s rationale and proposed plans. These presentations will be made available below following each meeting. 

Detailed budget information is not included in the presentation, as the focus is on the proposed department business plan. Capital and operating budget information will be included in the business plans and budgets that Council will deliberate in November 2014. 

Presentations and Schedule

(Please note: presentations below will be linked after each meeting.)