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Action Plan is The City's business plan and budget document. It was developed in 2014 for the years 2015-2018. In recognition that the Plan needs to adapt with Calgary's changing needs, we are Checking In with citizens about their priorities for 2017 and 2018.

In 2014, Calgarians ranked the following priorities as the most important to focus on during 2015-2018:

  1. Getting Around Calgary
  2. Calgary's Communities
  3. Growing Calgary
  4. Calgary's Economy
  5. Calgary's Environment
  6. How The City of Calgary works

Now tell us if these priorities have changed. Use the online survey tool to tell us what you think.


Thank you for your feedback!


Interim engagement results & market research

Information collected through the Check-in was presented to Council on April 18, 2016. The report highlights priorities and common issues collected from the interim engagement results with citizens and Councillors, as well as, relevant research results from recent citizen surveys collected to the end of February 2016.

Several themes have emerged so far, focusing on:

  • Calgary’s economy
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Continued efficiency improvements and lower taxes and fees
  • Maintaining existing service levels and quality of life

The information will be updated with results to the end of June 2016 and presented to Council in Fall 2016. It will be one of several sources of information that will inform Council’s direction on adjustments to Action Plan for 2017-2018.

Economic scenarios and financial forecasts

Since the development of Action Plan 2015-2018, Calgary’s economy has shifted significantly. In order to respond to this new economic reality, understand its effects on the public and communities, and adjust accordingly, The City has developed potential economic scenarios accompanied by financial forecasting.

The information will be presented to Council on May 30, 2016, to allow Council to consider a range of possible outcomes for the future, and respond with strategies for 2017-2018 adjustments to Action Plan.

Calgary economy roundtables – the economic scenarios were presented to 100 representatives from community organizations, business groups and City departments through several workshops in April. A research summary of the social impacts of economic downturns undertaken by the University of Calgary was also included in the report. This stimulated discussion that produced valuable feedback on potential impacts of the economic scenarios to the people, programs and services that these groups serve and has also been included in the report.

Action Plan 2015-2018 Mid-Cycle Adjustments Report (C2016-0472)

Next steps

Stay tuned for the next update on June 27 when Council is anticipated to provide Administration with an approved 2017 tax rate for development of the mid-cycle adjustments.


Action Plan: What matters to you, matters to us


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