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Business revitalization zone (BRZ) tax rates

A Business Revitalization Zone (BRZ) is established by businesses in an area to jointly raise and administer funds for various projects and promotional activities within the zone throughout the year.

Each BRZ’s Board of Directors establishes an annual budget to fund their activities. A tax rate is established for each BRZ to raise the required revenue to meet their budget requirements. City Council approves the establishment of BRZs, their annual budgets, and the annual tax rates.

Business revitalization zone levy calculation

The BRZ levy is calculated by multiplying the business assessment by the BRZ tax rate:

BRZ levy = Business assessment × BRZ tax rate

Business revitalization zone tax bylaws

BRZ taxation: 2016 Business Revitalization Zone Tax Bylaw 10M2016

BRZ tax rate: 2016 Business Revitalization Zone Tax Rates Bylaw 11M2016

2016 Business revitalization zone tax rates

​Business revitalization zone (BRZ) Businesses ​Budget ($) 2016 BRZ tax rate
​Bowness 63 ​45,100 0.0185
​Calgary Downtown Association 3,033 ​1,586,825 ​0.00186
​Chinatown District 345 ​160,000 ​0.00432
​Fourth Street South West 245 ​205,800 ​0.0139
​Inglewood 216 245,000 0.0195
​International Avenue 415 ​263,000 ​0.0156
Kensington/Louise Crossing 271 220,000 ​0.0162
​Marda Loop 129 ​168,986 ​0.0237
​Montgomery 120 ​71,000 ​0.0132
​17 Avenue Retail & Entertainment District 384 428,750 ​0.0169
​Victoria Park 369 ​363,862 ​0.0066
​First Street Improvement Area​
(First Street S.W., between 12 Avenue and 14 Avenue S.W. in Victoria Park BRZ​)
14 ​​included in Victoria Park budget ​0.0073


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