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Briefing NotesCalgary`s Economic PerformanceCommentary on Calgary's StatisticsDeveloping a Municipal Price Index • Labour Market Special Report • Miscellaneous ReportsMunicipal Finance Simulation ModelResidential Property Taxes and Utility Charges SurveyTransit Fare Review


Corporate Economics produces variety of research reports as needed such as Briefing Notes and Residential Property Taxes and Utility Charges Survey.



Briefing Notes

Briefing Note 12: Housing Review 2003-2013

Briefing Note 11: Role of Small Businesses in Calgary: 1998-2011

Briefing Note 10: Calgary's Economic Performance 2001-2011

Briefing Note 9: Calgary Impact Assessment Model (CIAM): Two Simulations

Briefing Note 8: Parking Demand Elasticity in the CBD: An Analysis Comparing Calgary with 43 International Cities

Briefing Note 7: Calgary's Population

Briefing Note 6: Calgary Residential and Commercial Real Estate Markets

Briefing Note 5: Diesel Fuel Price Pass-Through in Calgary

Briefing Note 4: Calgary's Economic Performance: 1999-2009

Briefing Note 3: Economic Growth and What Governments Do To Manage It

Briefing Note 2: Changes in Migration: Economic and Municipal Implications

Briefing Note 1: Canadian Perspective on the Global Financial Crisis of 2008



Calgary`s Economic Performance

Calgary's Economic Performance 2001-2015



Commentary on Calgary's Statistics

Commentary on Calgary's Statistics January 2013

Commentary on Calgary's Statistics October 2012

Commentary on Calgary's Statistics June 2012

Commentary on Calgary's Statistics May 2012



Developing a Municipal Price Index

Developing a Municipal Price Index was originally published in the April 2010 edition of the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA)’s Government Finance Review. This article reviews some of the options available for creating a municipal price index, and for dealing with some of the problems inherent in developing a cost index.


Labour Market Special Report

Labour Market Special Report #2: Economic Growth and Diversification

Calgary's Labour Market from 1976 to 2015


Municipal Finance Simulation Model

The Municipal Finance Simulation Model (MFiSiM) is developed by Corporate Economics, to provide a tool to analyze the impacts of policy decisions and external shocks on The City’s finances and service delivery.


Miscellaneous Reports

A Case of Fiscal Imbalance: The Calgary Experience (An Update)

A Case of Fiscal Imbalance: The Calgary Experience

Importance of Cities: with emphasis on Canadian Urban Areas

The Economic Impact of Cities


Residential Property Taxes and Utility Charges Survey

Common among Canadian municipalities of different physical sizes, climates, customers, and service offerings is the fact that they operate on balanced budgets. This survey attempts to show, from citizens’ perspective, the financial burden of owning property in the municipality.

Property Tax per Capita 2016

Residential Property Taxes and Utility Charges Survey 2014

Residential Property Taxes and Utility Charges Survey 2013

Residential Property Taxes and Utility Charges Survey 2012

Residential Property Taxes and Utility Charges Survey 2011

Transit Fare Review

Importance of Public Transit in Canada and Calgary, and Who Should Pay




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