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Annual reports

The City of Calgary’s annual reports have consistently won the Government Financial Officers Association (GFOA) award for financial reporting. This was the 14th year The City received this award.

2015 Annual Report

City of Calgary 2015 Annual Report cover page

The City of Calgary’s 2015 Annual Report provides consolidated financial statements prepared in accordance with Canadian Public Sector Accounting Standards.

The report’s theme – Pride. Purpose. Progress. – emphasizes the value of public service which has come into sharper focus as The City adapts to new challenges in the changing economic environment. It underscores our common purpose of Making Life Better Every Day for more than 1.2 million Calgarians we take pride in serving. It also acknowledges the hardships faced by many Calgarians in 2015 and it highlights numerous examples of accomplishments to  show continued progress being made building a great city.

The 2015 Annual Report is part of The City’s commitment to corporate governance, accountability, transparency and full disclosure, consistent with Canadian best practices applicable to municipalities.

Financial statements

The 2015 consolidated financial statements reflect continued population growth, which will continue to drive demand for City infrastructure and services. The 2015 Annual Report shows The City of Calgary is in very good financial shape. Strong fiscal management is also confirmed by The City’s current credit ratings – identified among the best for Canadian municipalities by Standard & Poor's and the Dominion Bond Rating Service.

In 2015, The City was able to implement its business plans and budgets essentially as expected. We are entering 2016 as the second year of a four-year plan and continue to monitor financial performance to address local effects resulting from the recent economic downturn.


  • Building infrastructure - In 2015, we developed a Capital Investment Strategy to accelerate The City’s capital program and provide Calgarians with new job opportunities while taking advantage of lower construction costs.
  • We worked closely with members of the land development and home building industry to create a new off-site levy bylaw that will contribute to building complete communities and achieving financial sustainability. The new off-site levy regime was approved by Council for implementation starting February 2016 after extensive industry and public engagement.

  • Moving people - Four-car C-Train service began on the 201 Red Line ahead of schedule. Expansion of the four-car service happens in 2016 as new train cars, each with a capacity to carry 200 additional passengers arrive in January.
  • The Green Line project, which will add 40 kilometres of LRT track to the existing network when built, received $1.5 billion in funding from Ottawa.

  • Recovering with resilience - as a result of the June 2013 flood, 222 projects were identified in the Municipal Infrastructure Recovery Program.
  • As of December 2015, 150 projects were completed, 50 are underway, and the remainder are pending, deferred or cancelled.

  • Helping those in need - a new Fair Entry System was launched to provide a single application process to increase access to five City-subsidized programs. The new system will help about 70,000 residents annually.
  • ​​​​We also continued construction on affordable housing units to help those in need.

  • Connecting with Calgarians - implemented a new online citizen dashboard that provides Calgarians with information about The City’s performance, including performance measures and data using interactive graphs, charts and maps.
  • Each day, we find ourselves connecting with Calgarians through 311, permits, transit and our many other lines of business. We supported 270 community events in 2015 and maintained dozens of outdoor spaces where friends socialize and connect with nature.
  • Calgarians tell us we’re doing things right through the annual Citizen Satisfaction survey - 86% satisfied with quality of life in Calgary, 88% agree we are on track to becoming a better city, and 84% agree Calgary is a great place to make a life.

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More plans and budgets information

Action Plan 2015-2018 - In December 2014, City Council passed a budget that kept tax increases below the rate of inflation plus growth and found over $50 million in savings for 2015–2018.

Business plans and budgets accountability reports

Plans, budgets and financial reports