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Calgary Building Services zero-based review


Project Highlights

The Calgary Building Services (formerly Inspections and Permit Services) Zero-Based Review began in July 2015 and through a number of activities successfully identified opportunities for further analysis in December 2015.

The project has identified 3 significant opportunities for the business: improve understanding of customers including their needs and preferences, define and simplify product and service offerings, and optimize the current portfolio of projects to achieve maximum return on investment.

Business cases for improvement in these opportunity areas are expected for presentation in November 2016.

About Calgary Building Services

Calgary Building Services (formerly Inspection and Permit Services) perform a central role in Planning & Development within The City of Calgary. Calgary Building Services works with members of the public and businesses to coordinate and manage issuance of development permits, building permits and business licences.

Calgary Building Services acts as a single point of contact for Planning & Development customer transactions, operating a mixture of front counter, online, call centre, publication and information services.

They manage the permitting process for both new buildings and renovations through plan reviews, permit issuance, inspections and enforcement of applicable codes to ensure public safety and environmental stewardship in Calgary. Calgary Building Services also promotes excellence in construction site safety through industry engagement, education and enforcement.

The services being reviewed include:

  • Land Use Management
  • Land Development
  • Building Approvals
  • Business Licensing