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Fire zero-based review

Fire Department

Final report

The ZBR is now complete. The final report with recommendations was presented to the Priorities and Finance Committee in September 2015. City Administration recommended 32 of the 34 recommendations to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of Fire’s services. Council approved 31 of the 34 total recommendations in November 2015.

Calgary Fire Department Zero-Based Review and Administration's Response (PFC2015-0695)

About Calgary Fire Department

More than 1,400 Calgary Fire Department staff serve the community through fire prevention, education, protection and safety. The services reviewed in this ZBR include:

  • emergency response (including medical), firefighting and community safety services,
  • emergency management preparedness and response,
  • facilities, emergency response vehicles, equipment and resources,
  • planning, risk analysis and performance measurement, and
  • workforce training and wellness.