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Fleet Services zero-based review

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Review highlights

The City of Calgary underwent its first zero-based review through a pilot project in the first half of 2012. Fleet Services piloted this innovative approach to improve efficiency and effectiveness. The pilot zero-based review is now complete.

The final report from KPMG highlights that overall Fleet Services is delivering the appropriate services to its customers and is achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

It shows that Fleet is on par with, and in some cases, is a leader among municipal colleagues in applying industry standards and innovative approaches to achieve internationally recognized quality, safety and environmental registrations.

The Steering Committee recommended to Council to accept or accept with amendment 24 of the 29 options for service improvement proposed by KPMG where the conclusions are strongly supported by facts and data, and demonstrate the greatest potential to yield improvements in service efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Some of these recommendations reinforce work already underway in Fleet Services, such as a review of process improvements and outsourcing opportunities in the maintenance division and enhancement of key performance indicators.

Administration successfully tested the Zero-Based Review approach and methodology through the ZBR Pilot Project, Fleet Services. Administration was able to identify areas that worked well, as well as areas needing improvement before use in future zero-based reviews at The City. From the preliminary analysis of the pilot, a number of lessons learned were identified along with specific improvements that have been incorporated into the ZBR Program.

Read the final reports and recommendation documents below:

Fleet Services Zero-Based Review Pilot Project: KPMG Final Report

Administration’s Response to Fleet Services, ZBR Pilot Project, Cover Report

Administration’s Response to Fleet Services, ZBR Pilot, Final Report

About Fleet Services

The Fleet Services business unit manages and maintains vehicles and equipment that keep The City of Calgary going (excluding Transit, Fire, Police and Development & Building Approvals). Fleet Services leases vehicles and equipment to City business units that are responsible for providing front-line services to citizens, such as: waste and recycling, repairing and cleaning roads, repairing water mains and ensuring that parks and public spaces in Calgary look great. Fleet Services also provides policies to assist in assuring that The City’s fleet operates safely and responsibly through operator safety and training services.

Fleet Services lines of business include:

  • Acquisition, leasing, hired trucks and equipment
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Fabrication and welding
  • Driver safety and training services
  • Field service, quick lube and tire service
  • Vehicle inspection and disposal