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Roads zero-based review

Roads street sweeper

Review highlights

Services included in the review:

  • Roads Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Traffic Operations
  • Development & Projects
  • Business and technology
  • Support Services

In November 2012, Council approved the continuation of the Zero-Based Review (ZBR) Program and directed that Roads be the subject of a ZBR in 2013.

The Roads ZBR began its pre-work stage in February 2013. Western Management Consultants (WMC) was retained through a competitive procurement process to undertake the review and was brought onboard in June 2013.

The preliminary high-level report was presented to the Priorities and Finance Committee in December 2013 and recommendations for the in-depth phase was presented and approved by Council shortly thereafter. The areas that underwent further analysis include: Street Light Maintenance, Pavement Marking, Sign Manufacturing, Gravel Mining and Crushing, and Pavement Rehabilitation.

The final report with recommendations for efficiency and effectiveness was presented to the Priorities and Finance Committee in October 2014 and approved by Council soon after. Administration expects that the recommendations will result in ongoing financial benefits of approximately $1.4 - $1.9 million annually, as well as improved customer service for the Street Light Maintenance service. Some of the recommendations that Administration supports include:

  • The street light maintenance service should be outsourced to multiple service providers in an effort to achieve improvements in service effectiveness through increased competition
  • Adoption of a full cost recovery model for all signage work in the service of sign manufacturing
  • Implement industry standard measures for cost control for the Spyhill gravel operation
  • Implement industry standard measures for cost control for pavement rehabilitation

Read the full WMC final report and administration’s response below:

Final Report + Administration’s Response

This ZBR is now complete. Roads will continue the implementation of the recommendations in the 2015-2018 business plan and budget cycle. The Roads business unit director and Transportation general manager are responsible for providing a follow-up report to Council on the implementation of approved recommendations within a year of report approval. 

About Roads

Roads maintains, rehabilitates, and reconstructs The City's roadways and bridges, manages traffic and parking infrastructure to keep Calgarians on the move. Divisions of the Roads Business Unit strive to provide a safe, effective and well maintained road system for all modes of travel with a commitment to excellence, innovation, and environmental sustainability.

The City of Calgary’s Roads business unit is the second largest asset owner at The City of Calgary, and has responsibility for improving and maintaining the condition and functionality of roadways. Roads currently maintains over 14,647 km of roads, 1180 traffic signals, and 80,132 streetlights using a workforce of 930 full time employees, who rely upon a fleet of sanders/plows, street sweepers, flatbeds, and dump trucks. The business unit also operates a gravel mining and crushing operation to support winter maintenance and an asphalt plant.