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Transit zero-based review

Calgary Transit train at a station

Project highlights

An external consultant, Morrison-Hershfield, was attained via a competitive procurement process and in currently completing the in-depth analysis. Recommendations are expected in June 2016.

About Calgary Transit

Calgary Transit is the largest, most public facing business unit in The City of Calgary. Calgary Transit is made up of over 3,000 employees including operators, maintenance and office staff. Together, Transit employees work hard to provide Calgarians with safe, accessible and courteous transportation services 365 days a year. Calgary Transit is responsible for operational planning, service design, general operations, transit fleet, safety and security, and cleaning and maintenance of the infrastructure. Ridership for 2014 was 110 million customers.

Services being reviewed include:

  • Provide bus and train service
  • Provide safe and secure transit
  • Provide specialized transit for persons with disabilities (Access Calgary)
  • Customer service and transit planning