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Water Resources Zero-based Review

River and mountains

Project Highlights

The Water Resources Zero-Based Review (ZBR) is now complete. The final report with recommendations was presented to Council in October 2016. Administration expects that the ZBR recommendations, once implemented, will result in annual capital cost avoidance of $17.0 – $20.5 million. These benefits will be phased in over several years as the recommendations are implemented, and are expected to be fully realized by 2022. These annual capital savings would also result in a reduction of $52 million in outstanding debt by 2026.

In addition, capital cost savings will ultimately flow through to operating cost reductions, in the form of lower principle and interest costs. There are also a number of improvements in service effectiveness for customers, related to management and delivery of Water Resources capital program and stronger links between customer needs / preferences and capital investment decision making. In addition, a framework approach is outlined in the report that (when implemented) would result in potential future changes to wastewater levels of service (increases or decreases) based on customers’ priorities. These options will be presented to Council by September 2017.

Water Resources Zero-Based Review with Recommendations (PFC2016-0660)

About Water Resources

The Water Utilities (Water Resources and Water Services) manage the quality and delivery of Calgary's water supply - from the river, to our taps and back to the river. The Water Utilities protect public health and the environment through conservation and watershed management; delivering a clean and reliable supply of water; collecting and treating wastewater; managing stormwater; and meeting regulatory requirements.

Water Resources oversees the management of water resources and plans and builds infrastructure, which involves asset management and investment activities.

Services being reviewed include:

  • Maintain or improve levels of service through the effective management of infrastructure
  • Protect public health and meet environmental commitments
  • Support the needs of a growing city and region
  • Ensure a well run Water business
  • Provide a financial return to The City of Calgary