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Water Resources Zero-based Review

River and mountains

Project Highlights

This Zero-Based Review is investigating 3 opportunities:

  1. Service levels for Wastewater - determining how to optimize capital investment through a greater understanding of the appropriate levels of service to deliver for Wastewater.
  2. Review of capital delivery - how to ensure efficient and effective delivery of capital projects.
  3. Data management and analytics - what data management tool and techniques and analytics should be developed and used to support decision-making in the other two areas.

Scottish Water International (SWI) was the successful proponent and is currently developing business cases and recommendations for efficiency and effectiveness improvements. A presentation of results is expected in early Summer 2016.

About Water Resources

The Water Utilities (Water Resources and Water Services) manage the quality and delivery of Calgary's water supply - from the river, to our taps and back to the river. The Water Utilities protect public health and the environment through conservation and watershed management; delivering a clean and reliable supply of water; collecting and treating wastewater; managing stormwater; and meeting regulatory requirements.

Water Resources oversees the management of water resources and plans and builds infrastructure, which involves asset management and investment activities.

Services being reviewed include:

  • Maintain or improve levels of service through the effective management of infrastructure
  • Protect public health and meet environmental commitments
  • Support the needs of a growing city and region
  • Ensure a well run Water business
  • Provide a financial return to The City of Calgary