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Water Services zero-based review

Water Services

Review highlights

Services being reviewed include:

  • Collect and treat stormwater
  • Produce and deliver clean drinking water
  • Collect and treat wastewater
  • Support the delivery of services to customers

Water Services ZBR: Final Report PFC2015-0230

Scottish Water International (SWI) assessed all services delivered by Water Services at a high-level, and reviewed, in-depth, three focus areas: performance measurement, job planning, and risk based maintenance. The recommendations, once fully implemented, are estimated to generate between $2.4 and $5.0 million in annual financial benefits, as well as improvements to customer service. It is expected that the recommendations are “scalable,” and that additional efficiency and effectiveness gains may result from applying the recommendations to other areas in Water Services during implementation.

The recommendations related to performance measurement aim to strengthen the reporting of business performance measures so all employees can see their contribution to service delivery and improvement. Recommendations around job planning include better utilizing utilization of technology for repair and maintenance, more proactive human and equipment resourcing to reduce the scope of work required for some jobs, and better delivery of a consistent customer experience. The recommendations under risk-based maintenance aim to position Water Services to maintain assets effectively to deliver financial efficiencies and ‘best in class’ asset management. Administration fully supports Scottish Water International’s recommendations, and has welcomed the third party perspective on ways to improve Water Services’ efficiency and effectiveness.

This ZBR is now complete. Water Services, with its partner business units and external stakeholders, is committed to implementing the recommendations.  Recognizing that there is further work to be done to investigate the full implementation costs, plan the most logical sequence for implementation, and assess risks and mitigation strategies, Water Services will report back to the Priorities & Finance Committee with an implementation plan within one year – by March 2016.

About Water Services

The Water Utilities (Water Resources and Water Services) manage the quality and delivery of Calgary's water supply - from the river, to our taps and back to the river. The Water Utilities protect public health and the environment through conservation and watershed management; delivering a clean and reliable supply of water; collecting and treating wastewater; managing stormwater; and meeting regulatory requirements.

Water Services works 24/7/365 to deliver water, wastewater and stormwater services to customers. The scope of this ZBR is the Water Services business unit. Water Resources is outside the scope of this review and will be the subject of a ZBR in 2015.