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Zero-Based Review Program

The Zero-Based Review Program was established to raise the care and attention The City pays to restraining expenditures and continually seeking efficiencies in the delivery of municipal programs and services. This program was developed in response to City Council’s organization-wide strategy to improve service efficiency and effectiveness.

Through this program, Administration is aiming to review 80% of city services to identify efficiency and effectiveness opportunities by the year 2020. To accomplish this goal, a number of zero-based reviews of business units across the organization are underway at any given time.

What is a zero-based review

The objectives of the ZBR program are to focus on:

  1. identify ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of City services, by examining what we do (service scope and service level) and how we do it (service delivery method and funding);
  2. enhance integration across the organization; and
  3. encourage evolution to a culture of continuous improvement and innovation.

Currently the program uses business units has the vehicle of analysis, however, opportunities for improvement identified can range across business units, as this allows The City to capture greater value and optimize efficiency and effectiveness improvements.