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Property tax: school support facts

All individuals who own property located in a district where a separate school district exists are required to file a school support notice. Signatures of all registered property owners are required.

  1. In Calgary, both a public and a Roman Catholic separate school district exist.
  2. When property is sold, the purchaser is required to file a School Support Notice with The City of Calgary.
  3. Property owners can at any time file a new School Support Notice or change an existing School Support Notice.
  4. A School Support Notice filed by a property owner is effective in the taxation year following the year in which the School Support Notice is filed.
  5. Individual property owners who are Roman Catholic must direct their taxes to the Roman Catholic separate school district.
  6. Individual property owners who are not Roman Catholic must direct their taxes to the public school district.
  7. Only property owners, not tenants, are entitled to file this School Support Notice.
  8. If property is owned by a Roman Catholic and a non-Roman Catholic, the municipality will assign the taxes to the public and Roman Catholic separate school districts in accordance with the percentage of ownership indicated beside the name of each owner.
  9. In order to ensure that property taxes are directed correctly, it is important that all property owners are designated on the School Support Notice and that the percentage of ownership adds up to 100%.
  10. If there is insufficient space to list all the registered property owners and to make the necessary declarations on the front of this School Support Notice, please use an extra sheet to indicate the name, address, declaration and percentage of ownership of the additional registered property owners.
  11. A School Support Notice is required for each titled property even if the property owner(s) do not reside in Calgary.
  12. As the Constitution establishes Alberta’s public and separate school systems on the basis of religion (either Protestant or Roman Catholic) school boards and tax collecting authorities are allowed and required to ask for the declaration contained in this form.
  13. If this School Support Notice is not returned to The City of Calgary, the individual owners’ property will be assessable for public school purposes and the taxes on such property will be directed to the Alberta School Foundation Fund and redistributed on an equal amount per student basis, to public and separate school boards in Alberta.

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