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School support - provincial property tax

The City of Calgary is required by legislation to bill and collect provincial property taxes on behalf of the provincial government. While The City of Calgary bills and collects provincial property taxes, the municipality has no jurisdiction or control over school board budgets or operations.

School support status is reflected on property assessment notices.

To request a School Support Declaration, please call 3‑1‑1. A School Support Declaration is automatically mailed to the new owner when a property is purchased. School support changes do not take effect until the following calendar year.

Frequently asked school support questions

Does everyone pay provincial property taxes?

All property owners whether they have children in the school system or not pay provincial property taxes. People who rent or lease property also pay provincial property taxes indirectly through their monthly rent or lease payments. People without children in school also pay provincial property taxes.

Do seniors have to pay provincial property taxes?

All Alberta property owners pay provincial property taxes. Please contact the Government of Alberta at 310-0000 for information on programs for seniors such as their Education Property Tax Assistance Program.

Can I direct my provincial property taxes toward a separate school board, rather than a public board?

If you are of the same religion as the separate school district in your area, you must direct your provincial property taxes to the separate school board. In Calgary, Roman Catholic property owners must declare their faith as Roman Catholic in order for their provincial property taxes to be directed to the Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 1.

Can I direct my provincial property taxes to a private school?

No. By provincial law, money collected through provincial property taxes must only be used to fund the public education system (including public schools and separate schools). Private school funding comes from three sources: provincial general revenues, tuition or instruction fees paid by parents, and private fundraising.

For more information on property tax, view Property Tax or the Property Tax brochure.