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TIPP - Buying or selling a property

Buying a property and joining TIPP

When you join the Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) you are making monthly property tax payments on a specific property. TIPP does not move with you to your next property or automatically start on any additional properties you may purchase.

For your new property, request an agreement to join TIPP for that address. If you own more than one property you must complete an agreement for each location.

Condo owners please note: An agreement is required for your condo unit and a separate agreement is required for each parking stall(s) and storage unit(s).

TIPP payments are non-transferable to other property tax accounts.

Selling a property and cancelling TIPP

To cancel (terminate) your TIPP participation for any reason, including sale, we must receive written notice no later than the 22nd of the month prior to the next scheduled withdrawal in order to ensure your bank account is not debited for the instalment amount. Cancellation requests received after the 22nd of the month will be processed after the upcoming withdrawal.

If you have missed the 22nd of the month plan cancellation deadline, review your statement of adjustments (closing costs). Contact your lawyer if the payment amount was not included in your sale’s property tax adjustment.

If you cancel your TIPP participation, all unpaid taxes are due and subject to penalties in accordance with the Penalty on Unpaid Taxes Bylaw 8M2002.

Note: A cancellation form is required for each tax account to be removed from the program. If you are a condo owner with titled parking stall(s) or titled storage unit(s) on TIPP, a cancellation form is required for each account.

TIPP payments are non-transferable to other property tax accounts.


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