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2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey & Research on Calgary's Economy

The City of Calgary uses the Citizen Satisfaction Survey to understand the needs and perceptions of Calgarians and identify areas for improvement. This year, The City also conducted research on Calgary’s economy to better understand the impact it has on Calgarians’ perceptions of quality of life, satisfaction with City programs and services, and the economic role of The City.



2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey results

Every year, The City conducts a Citizen Satisfaction survey to ask Calgarians how satisfied they are with City performance, services and overall quality of life in Calgary.

  • 86% of Calgarians say their quality of life is good, but one-quarter of Calgarians think the quality of life has 'worsened' in the past three years - up a significant 5 percentage points from 2014.
  • Infrastructure, traffic and roads remain at the top of the issue agenda, while transit continues to hold second place.
  • Calgarians think The City should invest more in transit, affordable housing and traffic flow management and transportation planning.

View the 2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey report or visit the Research & Engagement Library for previous reports.


Calgary’s Economic Resilience Survey results

This year, Council initiated additional research to understand the impact the economy has on Calgarians and The City’s role given the current economic environment. Highlights include:

  • 61% of Calgarians describe the current economic situation in Calgary as bad and don't expect it to improve.
  • 57% indicated the economic downturn has impacted their household.
  • 75% think it is a good time for The City to be investing in new projects like roads, public transportation and local facilities.

View the full Research on Calgary's Economy report. 

Calgary Economic Resilience survey results




Ward summaries

Results from the Citizen Satisfaction Survey are analyzed at a ward level in order to help The City make decisions that are based on the unique needs of each community.


Ward 1 ​Ward 5 Ward 9​ Ward 13
Ward 2 ​Ward 6 ​Ward 10 ​Ward 14
Ward 3 ​Ward 7 ​Ward 11
Ward 4 ​Ward 8 ​Ward 12

2015 Citizen Satisfaction Survey – Service Investment by Ward



Research & Engagement Library  

Final research and engagement reports gathered on a variety of topics can be found in the Research and Engagement and Engagement and Engagement Library. 

Visit to browse by theme or custom search. 

Continue the conversation

The Citizen Satisfaction Survey and Research on Calgary's Economy are just two examples of how The City collects feedback from citizens to help inform decision making. To provide input into City programs and services on an ongoing basis, Calgarians are encouraged to sign-up for Citizens' View, Calgary's online panel.