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Project scope and status


The rehabilitation of Calgary’s Historic City Hall is one of the most significant heritage projects currently underway in Canada. The scope of work is extensive, including restoration of the building’s foundation, roof, verandas, porticos and other structural components in between. The following is a broad overview of the work that will take place:
  • Sandstone and concrete of the building’s foundation will be renewed
  • New site drainage system
  • New structural steel inside the 100 foot clock tower from the third floor up
  • Structural rehabilitation on verandas and balconies
  • Reinforcement of the cupola and replacement of roof
  • Treatments of almost almost every piece of sandstone on the building. Of the building’s 15,522 pieces of sandstone, 15,142 of those have been specified to require some kind of treatment (cleaning, structural fortification or replacement)
  • New windows to replicate the originals. Original window frames will be rehabilitated
  • Exterior perimeter lighting

Photos taken on January 17, 2017 show the scaffolding build well underway.

The rehabilitation of Historic City Hall will improve the building’s resilience and upgrade it to a condition designed to last for another 100 years. All restoration work will be carried out while protecting heritage materials and characteristics.

What is complete so far:

In 2016, the building foundation was repaired and restored to excellent condition, and new site drainage has been installed. The site has now been prepared for the rehabilitation work that will take place over the next three years, with trailers onsite for crews and a masonry workshop where the sandstone work will be managed.

What we’re working on now:

Citizens and visitors to Calgary will have noticed that beginning in November 2016, the scenery around the Municipal Complex started undergoing a dramatic change. To support the rehabilitation of Historic City Hall, scaffolding is being erected around the entire perimeter and over its roof. Scaffolding is a system of tubes, joints and boards that allow workers access to every part of the building’s exterior – and it’s also an extensive work environment that provides heat, power and lighting.


Surrounding the scaffolding will be a PVC weather enclosure, a standard protective covering that contains the construction crew, equipment and materials. It is heavy-duty and helps to protect the sandstone and exposed building components from the weather. It also helps to shield the workers from the outdoor elements and keeps in heat.


The enclosure is non-transparent, so once it’s fully in place in March, 2017, we won’t be able to see Historic City Hall until early 2020. Yes, you read that correctly: Historic City Hall won’t be visible for the next three-plus years!


To ensure that Calgarians can continue to see the majestic facade of Historic City Hall during this time, the weather enclosure will be adorned with images to replicate the original appearance of City Hall.