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About Corporate Analytics & Innovation

Corporate Analytics & Innovation (CAI) provides innovative and collaborative solutions to advance the delivery of City of Calgary services. Through cutting edge technology, CAI collects, analyzes, manages and presents the information needed to make vital decisions that impact the lives of citizens every day.

Corporate Analytics & Innovation has six divisions:

Innovation, Data & External Access (IDEA)
Asset Information & Mapping
Geospatial Business Solutions
Corporate Project & Asset Management
Engineering & Energy Services
Field Surveying Services

Innovation, Data & External Access (IDEA)

The Innovation, Data & External Access division of Corporate Analytics & Innovation supports business-driven solutions by providing access to a number of key City of Calgary assets. The Intellectual Property & Access & Marketing (IPAM) work unit markets The City's data and negotiates and manages licenses controlling third-party access. The work unit administers the corporate External Data Access Management and the Intellectual Property Management policies and provides intellectual property management expertise on collaborative efforts such as the Urban Alliance and the Calgary Regional Partnership.

The Right of Way Management Services work unit negotiates and manages access agreements such as municipal rights-of-ways and facilitates building grade and utility line assignment applications as part of the land development process. The work unit provides access to City engineering drawings, block profiles and a variety of other related data and participates in many collaborative efforts such as the Joint Utility Mapping Project.

Information Analytics provides services, including scanning and records management, as well as business metrics scorecard and operational technical support for IDEA divisions.

Strategic Business Services provides business and project expertise supporting IDEA divisions in achieving their business objectives. SBS focuses on business planning and financial sustainability. In addition the group provides some assistance for IDEA in areas requiring coordination between divisions, or that may involve cross-functional collaboration with other departments and groups within The City.

Asset Information & Mapping

The Asset Information & Mapping division provides enterprise-based (standardized, robust, sustainable, repeatable) spatial data creation and maintenance services that deliver fast, accurate, cost effective, integrated and comprehensive information that support current and future client business. This Division integrates work processes, products, services and application of technology in five infrastructure areas and one major project - Water, Water Design, Transportation, Land, Traffic and The Core Mapping Project. Asset Information & Mapping's services reach both external partners and clients, and internal business units within The Corporation. Services offered by this division include managing and providing customers' geospatial information, key Corporate data sets, and enterprise-based spatial data creation and maintenance services.

Geospatial Business Solutions

The City of Calgary is increasingly dependent on location-based information. This is the expertise of Geospatial Business Solutions (GBS).

We are problem-solvers, analysts and specialists who help the front-line  City services realize and enable the value of location-based data, geospatial technology and analytical tools.

Geospatial Business Solutions provides:

  • Strategic geospatial technology project management and consulting to City business units and partners
  • Geospatial data management, quality assurance, integration and education across City services
  • Web mapping technologies and expertise
  • Imagery solutions using digital aerial surveys of oblique infrastructure photos, orthophotography and three dimensional modeling
  • Emergency routing and dispatch mapping

The result: more efficient decisions based on accurate, current and comprehensive data enabling front-line services to be provided to citizens in the most cost-effective manner.

Corporate Project & Asset Management

Corporate Project & Asset Management combines corporate project and asset management initiatives. Widely speaking Infrastructure Asset Management is considered to be the effective management of all tangible capital (infrastructure) assets that The City of Calgary uses to enable service provision. As a business practice, Asset management is based on the underlying philosophies of the Triple Bottom Line, Integrated Risk Management and Lifecycle Costing.

Strategic Infrastructure Asset Management has emerged as a suite of corporate-wide business planning processes, systems and tools integrating various operational asset management programs, for example, Roads Asset Management and Water Resources Asset Management. Corporate Asset Management is structured to deliver three key corporate-level products for Council and Senior Administration as follows:

  • Infrastructure Planning
  • Infrastructure Investment and Capital Prioritization
  • Infrastructure Performance Measurement

The Infrastructure Status


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Report (ISR) is produced once every three years and is a key document helping City Council and senior administration to make informed infrastructure investment decisions. It provides information on infrastructure condition, functionality and demand to ensure infrastructure maintains its ability to deliver the required services to the citizens of Calgary. The ISR benchmarks infrastructure needs, identifies areas of short and long-term infrastructure risk and recommends potential means for sustainable management of corporate infrastructure assets.

The Corporate Asset Management Plan is produced once every three years and serves as an action plan for improvement of the Corporation's asset management system and provides line of sight from corporate asset management strategies and objectives down into the business unit's asset management programs and plans. It also addresses key findings and recommendations in the Infrastructure Status Report and the internal State of Asset Management Report. This document provides direction regarding portfolio management, infrastructure investment across the Corporation's departments and actions required within the individual Business Unit asset management plans.

Corporate projects are handled by the Corporate Project Management Centre (CPMC) within the Corporate Project & Asset Management division. CPMC takes on the job of advancing 'project excellence' and is responsible for providing assistance to The City in effective project management through the following support and services:

  • Project planning, risk assessments, project management "health checks"
  • Project management education/training
  • Mentoring/coaching
  • Project management tools and guides
  • Corporate project management governance and reporting
  • Corporate Project Management Framework


Engineering & Energy Services

The Engineering & Energy Services (EES) division of C orporate Analytics & Innovation provides engineering technical support, energy management, sustainable building assistance, as well as supporting engineering governance and consulting and contractor industry relations at The City. 

The engineering governance section manages the following corporate programs and initiatives:

  • Engineering and Architectural Consultant Engagement Framework
  • Engineer-in-Training (EIT) Rotation Program
  • Engineering professional practice, including The City's Professional Practice Management Plan
  • Industry engagement and the annual Partnering with Industry Symposium

Engineering services provides various building owners within The City of Calgary and its civic partners support through:

The Energy Management (EM) section manages corporate initiatives that optimize The City's energy supply and energy efficiency. The EM coordinates The City's Energy Management Office and the renewable electricity agreements with ENMAX. The EM is also responsible for:

  • Strategic energy management programs
  • Researching and implementing new energy technologies
  • Energy procurement
  • Billing & contracts administration
  • Energy use analysis
  • City / ENMAX Energy Management Office (EMO)

The Sustainable Infrastructure group within EM enables the implementation of The City's Sustainable Building Policy and provides technical and strategic advice to City, civic and community partners on sustainable building opportunities. It also manages EES's Sustainable Buildings Partnership Program which funds projects in existing facilities across the corporation, demonstrating sustainable building values such as energy and water reduction, performance monitoring and material reuse.

The Manager of Engineering & Energy Services also ensures corporate-wide compliance of engineering and geological professional practices with the Engineering, Geological and Geophysical Professions Act, Regulations and By-laws for Alberta, and other applicable legislation, policies, practices and guidelines.


Field Surveying Services

Field Surveying Services is CAI's field division with the expertise, knowledge and latest technology to perform high precision land measurement surveys for both engineering and legal surveying projects. The Division is responsible for developing and maintaining The City's High Precision Network (HPN), which is the primary survey control network necessary for development, surveying and mapping in Calgary. Field Surveying Services provides professional surveying advice on legal boundary issues and positioning solutions (e.g. GPS). Clients include City business units involved in infrastructure and land development and external customers using the HPN. A wide variety of engineering and land surveys are provided for clients including: preliminary, topographic, roads, utilities, local improvements, building grades, earthwork, precise engineering, as-built, control, legal boundaries, cadastral ties and registered plans (e.g. right-of-way, road widening, and subdivision).