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How to search Property Reports

Step 1: Folio #

  1. Key in your Folio #.

The folio is a field where you enter a number or name (20 characters maximum) to label a search. This feature allows you to identify which client is to be billed for this service. It also helps with internal accounting if your organization has multiple cost centers.

Note: The Folio # is a mandatory field

Step 2: Choose the method you want to use for searching for Property Information

  1. Select the key you wish to use to search: Parcel Address, Legal Description, or Roll number.
  2. Enter your Search Key. Use your tab key to move from field to field.

Note: For training and testing, the Parcel Address 315 10 AV SE is available to all CITYonline customers at no-charge.

Searching by Parcel address

Ensure you enter the Parcel Address in this field, as it differs from the Municipal Address. The Parcel Address identifies a taxable area of land in Calgary. The Municipal Address is the number assigned to a building with multiple entranceways (strip mall, City Hall, Shopping Centre).

Searching by Legal description

The Legal description is used to represent subdivided or unsubdivided land in accordance with the Alberta Land Survey Act. Land that has been divided receives an alphanumeric description know as a Plan/Block/Lot.

Condo Unit
A condominium is a description of subdivided land segmented into units of individual ownership (unit) and shares of common property (UF).

Condo parking stalls and storage spaces have their own unique legal descriptions.

  • Condo parking stalls end with the letter "V" i.e. 293V
  • Storage spaces end with the letter "S" i.e. 427S

Roll number

The Roll number (assessment number) is a unique numerical identifier for each assessment/tax account.  The Roll number can be found on the assessment notice or tax bill. 

Note: When searching by Roll number please ensure there are no spaces.