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CITYonline Training

CITYonline has developed this training and support section to make the service easier to use. The CITYonline demo Flash document is available as a step by step training guide on how to use CITYonline. If you do not want to or cannot use the Adobe Flash player, all content contained within the Flash presentation can also be found in this section, or in the Adobe PDF version of the CITYonline demo.

Note: The CITYonline demo requires Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Adobe Flash Player. You may need to upgrade your version of Adobe Reader to use the PDF tutorial.

Below are some quick references guides to become familiar with the new CITYonline:

CITYonline Company account holder-specific training resources:

If your require further clarification other than what is covered in this section, please contact CITYonline.​​​​