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Certificate Of Compliance - New Online Digital Submission Instructions

How do I submit an Online Certificate of Compliance request?

  1. Visit CITYonline at You will need to sign in to or set up a CITYonline account to complete the order. To learn more, visit CITYonline.
  2. From the left product navigation > Select Property Information.
  3. Scroll down to Certificate of Compliance and select Add to Cart.
  4. Enter the address of the parcel on the Property Related Information screen. Follow the system prompts to complete the transaction and pay.
  5. From the order transaction page, select Download. Click the Submit button.

Note: ensure that the information in the ATTN To: and Phone number fields are complete and correct.

Note: Certificate of Compliance digital submissions are only for low density residential properties.

  1. Once the PDF is open click the “Click here to send an E-mail for submitting the request with notes” button. Your email will open, displaying a new message addressed to The subject line will display the CITYonline Request number, your company name, contact name, phone number and the address of the property you are requesting the Certificate of Compliance on. The Certificate of Compliance for Real Property Report confirmation will also be displayed.

NOTE: DO NOT change/delete any of the information in the Subject line of the email.

  1. Attach the electronic file (secured PDF) of the Real Property Report:
  • A Real Property Report digitally created and secured by an Alberta Land Surveyor.
  • The Real Property Report should be an accurate reflection of the current situation showing all structures ( i.e., decks, sheds, fences, retaining walls etc.), located on the property. The Real Property Report can only be altered or updated by an Alberta Land Surveyor. 
  • An Alberta Land Surveyor's Real Property Report which states "Under Construction" or "Foundation Only" can only be accepted if it is submitted within 12 months of the date of the survey.
  1. Complete the submission by submitting the email message.
  • If the existing development meets, the Land Use Bylaw rules it will be electronically stamped and returned to you via email. Please note the Real Property Report will not show a visible signature on the stamp.

If development on the parcel does not meet the rules of the Land Use Bylaw you will be notified via email. A refusal letter will be emailed to you stating the reasons for refusal and what is required in order to obtain compliance.