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Geospatial Emergency Management (GEM) Project

Timely and accurate information in a large-scale emergency event is critical for effective
emergency response and preparedness. The City of Calgary is a leader in this area thanks to a recently completed project called GEM - Geospatial Emergency Management. The GEM project collected, transformed and integrated critical geographic info and GIS technologies from across various business units to support emergency management activities at The City. The Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) and its’ members can now use a web based application called a Common Operating Picture (COP) to access 212 layers of highly accurate geographic information, both static and near-real time, for emergency planning and response.

What's in it for citizens, The City and for Calgary Emergency Management Agency (CEMA)?

  • Better decision making based on the delivery of more timely and complete information
  • Single authoritative source of data for emergency response by CEMA and partners
  • Enhancement of emergency management information
  • Common Operating Picture enhances situational awareness
  • Interagency collaboration and communication
  • Development and integration of common standards
  • Faster access to data required during emergency situations