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Map Search Tool

Use Map Search Tool

Our dynamic GIS map interface can be used for both reference and to purchase items through the CITYonline storefront.

When opening the GIS map, you will be redirected to CITYonline with the map opening as a pop-up window. Please disable pop-up blockers to allow this to happen.

Search visually using map features and the zoom/pan functions or use the Search Icon to enter specific criteria. Search directly by parcel address, community, ATS section number, or Electronic Block Profile.  

GIS Map Image
The default map parameters are a scale of 1:294518, with only select layers enabled: Standard Dynamic Layers> Registered Ownership Parcel AND Calgary Basemap> all layers
At this view, the City of Calgary is displayed with minimal detail, making it the ideal starting point to form a search. Add map features by selecting the Layer elements from the Layer Legend.

Use the arrow tool to select enabled map features. Add any item to the cart by selecting products from the Reports tab (text products) or the Download tab (spatial data).  

As an example: to view the ATS section layer overlayed on the City of Calgary basemap

  • Select the Layer Legend> Section. Standard Dynamic Layers are enabled at various map scales. Use the zoom tool to activate the respective layer(s).
  • Use the Select tool to highlight one or more of the section.
  • To purchase section information, select Download> by Section OR Standard Spatial Standard Spatial Standard Spatial Data by Polygon.

These steps can be applied to any of the Standard Dynamic Layers to purchase these products:

  • Digital Aerial Survey by Section
  • Digital Elevation Model by Section
  • Orthophotos by Section
  • Ownership Parcel Fabric
  • Sanitary Utilities by Section
  • Storm Utilities by Section
  • Water Utilities by Section
  • Electronic Block Profile
  • Community Maps Transnet

To select property information, search by address and then select the Report Icon and choose from the reports list.

Learn more about the Map Search Tool by visiting the CITYonline Help for Map Viewer.

ATS Section Numbering

Mapped data is licensed by section. The section reference number is a way of breaking down Calgary into managable pieces. The following is information to help you understand and search by section.

The section reference divides Calgary into 286 map sections. As Calgary annexes additional land, new sections are added. The section reference number is broken down in the following example.

A typical section reference number: 0924015. This number is broken down into these components.
  • Section: (09)
  • Township: (24)
  • Range: (01)
  • Meridian: (either West of the 5th - line between 29/1 OR West of the 4th - right hand side of 29/1)

For help finding a section, Land Use Maps are available on the Development & Building Approvals Web site. Click on the larger map to see the PDF map for a particular section. On the PDF map is printed the section reference number.

With the section reference number, visit CITYonline and enter the number into the search engine. All maps available for that section will appear in the search results.