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Aerial Property Photos

Various photos of Calgary taken from aircraft are available for purchase. Photo scale ranges from 1:5000 to 1:20000 and are sold in JPEG format. Use the Map Search Tool to preview select Orthophoto images.

PropertyView photos

PropertyView photos provide three to five aerial views for a specific Calgary address. Of the set of photos, one is a top view taken directly above the property. The other photos are obliques taken at an angle of approximately 45º degrees. The multiple views provide an unobstructed view of the land and structures from the sky. Visit PropertyView for samples and more information.

PropertyView aerial photos are currently available through CITYonline.

NeighbourhoodView photos

NeighbourhoodView delivers a clear view of Calgary's neighbourhoods and larger properties. Created from the same set of imagery used for PropertyView, NeighbourhoodView provides the addition of several city blocks surrounding the searched property. Visit NeighbourhoodView for samples and more information.

NeighbourhoodView aerial photos are currently available through CITYonline.

Specialty photos

Aerial photos featuring popular areas in Calgary are available for download through CITYonline.

See the How to Buy page to request aerial photos by phone or e-mail.